Sunny De Bruyn: I’m not an expat…

… ok well technically I am. But as far as I’m concerned, I’m not. Why? Well, I didn’t realise it prior to coming to Singapore, but expat is kind of a dirty word. It is said here with loaded meaning, assumption, a tinge of distaste

So, although I’ve only been in Singapore for six weeks, I’ve thought a lot about how I feel about being called an expat. And it’s made me realise that I don’t like being called one. I also don’t like being treated like one. I have to say, that one thing that has made the move to this country much harder than I had imagined is the feeling of not being welcome or wanted. And I have felt it on multiple occasions here. I also feel like I have been dismissed as ‘just another expat wife’. Ouch.


I don’t plan on being entitled and sitting around all day getting my nails done whilst bossing around domestic staff and making them mix cocktails for me at 10am in the morning and feed me grapes. I can mix my own cocktails at 10am in the morning. And I don’t really like grapes. Sour or otherwise.”

Exactly! :-)