Ms-havachat: Women And Lunch Time Conversation

It dawned on me, while sitting back listening to a conversation about ‘sunny Wexford’ being shared between an older Irish lady, a Brit and an American that this eclectic mix of women is what being an expat is about.

We support each other despite our age differences, nationalities and experiences.
We listen and care regardless of what’s going on because we know it could be us needing the shoulder one day.
We find things in common to celebrate and bond us, and we learn something new with the differences we bring to the conversation.
We laugh. Boy, do we laugh! The observations of our new home, something as simple as grocery shopping or the frustration with going for a drivers licence can have us in stitches.
I guess, depending on how the friendships go, we might even shed the occasional tear.
We are strong. We have to be.
We bond over silly things and very important things.
We seek out people to be our surrogate mums, grandmothers and sisters, whether conscious or not. We are surrogate mums, grandmothers and sisters to others – whether we know it or not.


“If you’ve chosen this life, embrace it for all it’s worth.
For it could all be over tomorrow and lunch will be a quick hour if you’re lucky…..”