A Dose of Positivity – Apple Gidley in the Expat Telegraph

“Sometimes in this era of micro-managed relocation it is easy to get hung up on the minutiae. Of what is available, of whether a cinema, if indeed there is one, shows the latest movies, of what food is on offer. That is not to lessen the importance of finding the right school or a hospital that will cater to a sick child, but does it really matter if a favoured cereal is unavailable. Taste a new one.

Woe is me’ does not translate well into any language and negates the resilience and perseverance of those who travelled before us. Of those who endured true hardship. A quick look back at the wars our parents and grandparents survived, whether in the trenches, on the seas, in the air or at home, shows real fortitude, or those living through current war or civil strife. None of it is comparable to a sponsored trip to an overseas posting now.

So along with the crockery and bedding pack a dose of positivity, lose the sense of entitlement, and take this incredible opportunity to learn about something new not only about a place and her peoples but about yourself.”

Source: my.telegraph.co.uk

Lose the sense of entitlement & pack a dose of positivity – abso-bloody-lutely!  Wise words that expats old & new all need reminding of now & then.

And Apple says it so much better than most, too – she’s not afraid to get to the point, where I might pussyfoot around the subject :-)

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