Review of “What About Your Saucepans” by Lindsay de Feliz – Expatlog

Rediscovery, liberation and romance abroad – it might sound formulaic but if it’s handbags, engagement rings and martinis you’re after forget it… THIS IS CHICK LIT WITH BALLS!
It’s great to see the expat book genre growing and “What About Your Saucepans?” is a worthy addition. Lindsay De Feliz, weaves an astonishing tapestry of community, corruption and culture-shock in the Dominican Republic; astonishing in no small part because the life she led before made her the least likely candidate for an existential bungee-jump.
I like my books like my winter wardrobe – full of layers… On the surface ‘What About Your Saucepans’ is the story of an adventurous woman who threw off the shackles of material success and comfort to follow a half-baked idea, “I left my husband of ten years, my job and my country to become a scuba diving instructor.” It’s not long before you start to suspect the simplicity of her delivery belies the depth of what she’s actually imparting.