Paulette Bethel Coaching

Relocating to another country – uprooting your family – is fraught with difficulty. If you, your spouse, and your kids are reeling over an international relocation, frequent moving, or military deployment, it’s time to ask for help. Your family can overcome the challenges and experience the joy of living and working in a different culture. But how can you and your spouse be resilient, optimistic, and set a good example for the kids? How do you encourage your kids to be themselves – when they may not feel anchored to a particular culture or place? Adjusting is the key!

“Boots on the ground” – Dr. Bethel helps military and expat families smooth the transition and quickly adjust

Dr. Bethel’s friendly, easy-to-understand coaching approach helps you negotiate the gap between your home culture and host culture. Guided by her simple yet effective coaching techniques, you and/or your family members can increase your resilience and wellbeing, helping you quickly adjust to frequent moves and overseas assignments.

In addition, as a parent, you’ll gain insight into Third-Culture Kids. You’ll learn how they develop their identities, and you’ll understand their cycle of adjustment. This insight will smooth your family’s transition – whether it’s military, DOD, corporate, diplomatic, or missionary.

Through coaching, you can have a joyful, well-adjusted family with strong bonds

Dr. Bethel coaches:

Military individuals and/or their spouses and children

Expat individuals and/or their spouses and children (corporate, diplomatic, missionary)
Military and expat singles
Cross-cultural couples

Issues include:

Military family adjustment
Expatriate family adjustment
Frequent moves
Strengthening resilience
Adjusting to a new culture
Adjusting to a new work environment
Being separated from your family
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Post-traumatic growth
Unresolved grief and trauma
Single parent in the military
Women in the military
Military male spouses
Third-Culture Kids (helping military brats or missionary/corporate/foreign service “global nomad” kids develop a sense of identity and belonging)
Third-Culture Adults (helping adults develop a sense of identity and belonging)
Hidden Diversity
Multicultural identity
Mixed-culture relationships
Being a non-traditional family
Dangerous situations
Coming home after a leave of absence