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If you’re a talented job seeker who cannot understand why recruiters are not tripping over themselves to acquire your genius, maybe it’s because your resume is failing you. But don’t feel bad. Thousands of job seekers share your pain.

With so much competition for every job and only six seconds to impress a recruiter, boring resumes can get lost in the thousands that cross a busy recruiter’s desk each week. A winning resume needs to quickly tell your story and articulate your value. It needs to inspire a personal connection with recruiters so that they immediately want to call you for a job interview and hire you on the spot. Does yours?


We transform ordinary resumes into extraordinary ones. No resume templates. We design one-of-a-kind masterpieces that captivate everyone who sees them.

Story Resumes are perfect for: executives finding it hard to summarize their experiences; graduates competing for their dream job or internship; life hackers needing to explain their non-traditional career route; parents returning to the workforce; creatives striving to stand out; expats finding it hard to impress recruiters with their offshore experiences; career switchers wanting a ‘foot in the door’; and all types of talented job seekers wanting to invest in their future!