settling in again: many homes, many moves: Why I’m here

I decided to share my experiences because I had never had much support from the organization that hired my husband (I wrote about this here). I thought it might be helpful- to others who have been going through similar moves and to me as I try to figure out what kind of work I’d like to aim for, once my kids are all in school. The more I have made an effort to learn about into this world of people who have moved because their partner has the anchoring job, the more I realize that there are already cross-cultural coaches, resettlement advisors, online networks for trailing spouses, multiple groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, even conferences. Suddenly I wondered if I was just trying to reinvent the wheel- provide support where it already existed, if only one knew where to look. I finally stopped trying to talk myself out of this and just do what I could to join the conversation, add another point of view to the collection of experiences that are the expat trailing partner lifestyle.